Friday Showcase: Irish Tech News

Describe the company. How are you different?

Every electronic device starts it’s professional life as a hardware prototype. But not every prototype is built in a lab or an R&D department, many are built on kitchen tables and even the original Apple Mac Prototype was, legend has it, built in a garage in Palo Alto.

The “Internet of Things” #IoT is feeding the Maker Revolution and it is coming soon to a device near you. Sam Altman of Y Combinator calls it the ‘softwarisation of things’ where everything will be electronic and connected to the cloud.

By creating an online platform to source the components Mint Tek Circuits support hardware prototype development by making it it easier, faster & cheaper for hardware developers to make that prototype using qualified and reliable global suppliers. Bringing big company development advantages to the startup and research community, ideas can get made faster, then succeed or be quickly terminated. It’s survival of the hippest!

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