Inspire Fest 2015

Inspirefest 2015 was a  two day international event that connects professionals interested in the future of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with new perspectives on innovation, leadership and success. Plus unique networking at their exciting Fringe Festival this took place from the 18th – 20th June 2015 in Dublin.

It was hosted by Silicon Republic.

At this event there were many interesting business individuals who shared a common goal: to decrease the gender gap in tech related disciplines.

At this event there were many keynotes from business professionals who come from a variety of disciplines and we were lucky enough to listen to a majority of them. From talks about space to the film industry, the gender gap is a prevalent issue that needs to be fixed.

Here is a list of speakers:

INSPIRE FEST 2015 Speakers

Forgive the pun but the keynotes were truly inspiring. There were so many quotes and sayings I could have taken away from this event, but it was all summed up by Inspirefest themselves:


It wasn’t all keynotes and business professionals though. On Saturday we had the chance to run our workshop creating badges while the Coder Dojo competition was being held. We were surprised by the amount of people who wanted to get involved and make badges. It made for a great end of Inspire Fest!