Hardware Startup News 13/03/15

This is the news from Hardware startups that piqued our interest here at Mint Tek Circuits this week –

Amazon Exclusives Store

Amazon opens Amazon Exclusives store to sell Shark Tank and other ‘quirky’ products.  One a few Amazon specialised stores offering the Amazon service.


Onshape – New CAD Software

After 3 Years And $64M In Seed Funding, Onshape Launches The Mother Of All Products.

New CAD Software from original Solidworks time totally reimagines product design.  Cloud connections make design, corrections and changes available over PCs and other devices.  Cloud rendering doesn’t limit the designers capabilities to her device’s technology.  The Smartphone touch capability allows editing on the fly literally.  As one founder told Danny Crichton of Techcrunch, “You can be at the airport and say someone wants another hole in a product.  Now you can actually do that as you are boarding a plane”


Samsung Galaxy S4 now with Eye Control

Eye-Tracking technology has been in production for a long-time and enables a smartphone (or tablet) to detect where a user is looking. Essentially, your eyes will be capable of controlling the smartphone’s user-interface controlling such things as scrolling or swiping.

Samsung’s new Galaxy may bring this to new and more user friendly heights.  People with disabilities have long been aware of this technology but it has been cumbersome and not so available.   By incorporating technology such as ‘eye scroll’ into a Smartphone Samsung have added new features to it’s use such as use in confined spaces or in difficult environments.


The State of Enterprise in NYC – by Jonathan Lehr of Work-Bench

For those of you in NYC, thinking of going there or just plain curious I found this piece interesting.

Jonathan tells us that the City shows great potential in IT Infrastructure, Vertical Mobile Solutions, HR and Data/Analytics funding.  2015 is looking to be a good year for funding opportunities for all you techs and techettes out there.

I was surprised not to see any mention of Hardware Startups – or maybe that’s not Jonathan’s gig.


Reflowster Soldering Controller

Finally, I am delighted to announce that this little company has given me new impetus to rejig my kids workshop.


Newcastle Maker Faire – Hardie Kids

Expect to hear a little more about my endeavours to get Hardie Kids ready for the Newcastle Maker Faire in April