Printed Circuit Board Supply Has Moved Into the 21st Century

Mint Tek CIrcuits

Here at Mint Tek Circuits we’re pretty excited in the growth in hardware design that is happening now and predicted to grow over the coming years. We’re creating a business that makes ordering printed circuit boards as easy as possible for developers who need prototypes and small volume. We are developing relationships with suppliers all over the world so that we can find the cheapest and best option for you. 

Of course, we will vet these suppliers and make sure that they produce top quality electronics with the shortest possible lead time. 

We will also be having your file layout file checked by our computer aided design engineer, and we will provide further services such as file layout and editing. We want to make sure you have the most efficient designs and reduce any possibility for re-work.

We are really excited about the road ahead and excited to be part of the explosion of the Internet of things. We are providing part of the infrastructure to allow developers to focus on the task at hand – product development – and reducing the need for startups to have the time, expertise and resources to get the best printed circuit board (PCB) for their design.

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