Mint-Tek is Cyber Essentials Certified

At Mint Tek Circuits we value our customers’ trust and privacy which is why we are dedicated to improving our cybersecurity. For the second year we have acquired Cyber Essentials Certification and we are committed to making continuous improvements in the area of cyber security.
The five most important security measures that were required for the certification included Firewalls, Patch Management, Malware Protection, Access Control and Secure Configuration.


  • Firewalls are properly set up to prevent unauthorised access to internal networks.
  • To address patch management our software and operating systems are regularly updated to fix known vulnerabilities.
  • Anti-malware software is installed to protect our computers, important data and privacy.
  • For access control user accounts have been assigned only to authorised individuals, be managed effectively, and provide the minimum level of access.
  • To secure configuration our computers and network devices are configured to minimise vulnerabilities and provide only the services required.