Startup of the week: Silicon Republic

Our start-up of the week Mint Tek Circuits makes it easier, faster and cheaper for hardware developers to make prototypes, transforming the supply chain into an on-demand service.

“Our target market is hardware start-ups, universities and research centres,” explains Siobhán ní Chofaigh, co-founder and CEO of Mint Tek.

“These companies have the least resources and expertise to qualify multiple vendors. Their world is very competitive and they need fast access to pricing and technology.

The Founders

“At the same time we are developing a university programme to understand and exploit the business potential within these organisations. New start-ups often develop within these centres and the potential for marketing our name and brand is very high.”

“I have been in the field of electronics for more years than I care to admit,” ní Chofaigh said. “I worked with clients to develop and supply strategic solutions to industry problems. I worked in technology, sales and marketing, revenue growth and channel development within both multinational such as Siemens, Infineon, Sanmina SCI and most recently Beta LAYOUT Ltd.

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