Sustainability: What’s the story?

Repeat after me: Sustainability, sustainability, sustainability!

Alright, folks, let’s dive right into it! While the bigwigs and conglomerates scramble to meet those CSRD deadlines, us SMEs might be wondering: “How much should we really sweat over this?” Before you leap to conclusions faster than a world-record-setting long jumper, let me clarify – I’m not saying we can just shrug off our responsibilities as SMEs. I’m merely asking how much of the CSRD scope should apply to us. Sure, we have the option to ‘opt out’ until 2028, but that’s just postponing the inevitable.

Procrastination might have been our trusty companion during those university years, fueled by gallons of Red Bull and ProPlus (which I’m definitely not advocating for!). But tackling CSRD reporting is a whole different ballgame.

Beyond our own journey toward a sustainable business, there’s another perspective to consider. Here’s my take: It’s crucial to understand what the conglomerates are doing in preparation for those reporting deadlines. Why? Because we’re a vital part of the supply chain. We need to ensure our i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed because having the ability to truly comprehend where and how products are manufactured fosters transparency and trust in a sustainable supply chain.

Picture it like a limbo stick, with sustainability reporting serving as the threshold. The big players are asked, “How low can you go?” But it’s not just about them working their way down the chain; it’s about us, the parties in the supply chain, demonstrating how sustainable our business operations are.

No different to a relationship – you see the benefits, and you work together to make it work. A bit cheesy, I know, but it’s a no-brainer (and yes, my partner occasionally tells me I’m a keeper too).

That’s why here at Mint Tek Circuits, we’re committed to embracing and showcasing our sustainability efforts. We’re asking the questions and we’re requesting the documentation and certifications where applicable. If there’s more we can do, we’re all ears. We’re here to give it our all and then some.

So, in the spirit of unity, I’ll leave you with the tune of “We’re All In This Together” from High School Musical – Why? Read this blog again.