Top 10 Technology Gift Recommendations

We know some of you are organised and have had your Christmas shopping finished since November, but we are also pretty sure that there are a few stragglers amongst you that are still putting your list together. This blog is for you! We’ve talked to the Mint Tek team and to our customers to try to find you the most awesome technology gift suggestions.

1. Sega Mega Drive

We love this retro gift and think it would be perfect for all you old school gamers out there! There are 80 games built in and it comes with some classic video game action  like  Streets of Rage and Sonic. The console is also compatible with SEGA Mega Drive cartridges.


2. Stream 3D Printer

This is the ideal solution for fast prototyping; it’s more of a business present really! Built in France, it has a really nice design and is truly multimaterial, from wood to copper. For the quality of this machine, the price is very competitive!


3. Sugru

Sugru is fantastic! Tony, our man in marketing, says it’s both handy and fun! He has used it to make hooks to organise his cables and make a phone holder. It sticks to almost anything, moulds like play-dough, then sets overnight into a durable silicone rubber.


4. Hydra Smart Bottle

This bottle has 5W Bluetooth® speaker, hands-free speakerphone, FM radio, 4000 mAh power bank, RGB LED lights with three color modes, hidden storage, a carabiner with bottle opener, a free app….and you can drink water from it!


5. BellaBeat

I have the Bellabeat Leaf myself. I love it because it is a beautiful piece of jewellery, as well as an activity tracker. It tracks sleep and stress levels, and provides a number of meditations to help you reduce tension. It can be worn as a bracelet, a pendant or clipped on to clothes.


6. Kardia Mobile

Our CEO, Siobhán, loves this product because, with a family history of heart issues, she believes that this will truly save lives. This device gives an ECG Analysis in just 30-seconds. It captures reliable heart activity data and relays it to your doctor.


7. Alexa

Siobhán also has the Amazon Echo, and she sings its praises! It is a voice-controlled speaker and much more; it can be used to ask questions, read audiobooks and control connected devices. The Irish app has yet to launch so not all functionality is available in Ireland yet.


Alexa voice activiated speaker

Okay, the next three are not technically on the market so you can’t buy them as a gift but we love these projects for so many reasons that we really wanted to share them with you. And maybe, you could even make a Kickstarter donation on someone’s behalf as a Christmas present!

8. QuadBot

This is a robotics kit to be used in schools to help kids learn electronics in a fun way. We supported Engimake with their prototype PCB, and we have blogged about them because everyone knows robotics are the future, and this is a product that ignites kids passion for this area.


9. Sound Bounce

Sound Bounce is a smart technology foam insert that goes inside ear muffs, which works 8 times better than normal foam. It allows low intensity noise to travel through, so you can still have conversations, but loud sound activates the material, causing it to be absorbed.


10. Freedrum

Tony loves this product; drumming is his thing. He sees this as an opportunity to annoy his co-workers with his mad, air drumming skills! With Freedrum, you have a drumkit that fits in your pocket and you can play it in any place that you have your smart phone with you.