Dublin Maker 2015

The Dublin Maker was held in Trinity College Dublin on the 25th of July 2015. It was a free event consisting of 10,000 visitors and 45 makers. We ran our “Hardie Kids” workshop here. There was an enormous turnout and many interested in making their own badge, from 10am to 4pm (at which point we had run out of components!). We were constantly busy with young and old alike, teaching them how to create a Mint Tek Circuit badge.

Makers included:

Talks were being held at 1pm and we took part, speaking about surface mount components, how they have changed over the years in size and what we use them for. Though an interesting topic, a large majority of the audience were children so perhaps we should have chosen a different topic

We enjoyed the Maker event so much, and we hope to go again if it’s on next year this time, though we will be a bit more prepared and pack extra components!