Printed Circuit Board Specialists

Your prototype may require any of the following technical solutions. We can design and produce the board you need.

ENEPIG surface finish

Provides excellent corrosion resistance, solderability, and wire bonding performance, making it an ideal surface finish for high-reliability electronic applications
Applications: wire bonding, PCBs, semiconductor packaging, connectors, MEMS devices
Industry: Aerospace, defence, medical devices, automotive and industrial

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Provides increased density of connections between electronic components where space is limited, high degree of precision and reliability and useful where high-speed data transmission is required.
Applications: Mobile devices, implantable medical devices, wearables, robotics (when component pitch is tight and size is an issue)
Industry: Aerospace, Defence, Medical Devices, Telecommunication 

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Ceramic PCBs

Provides reliable circuit performance in high-power and high-temperature applications due to high dielectric strength and low thermal expansion. (Aluminium Nitrade, Silicon Oxide)
Applications: LED assemblies, power electronics, implantable devices withstanding harsh sterilisation processes, thermal expansion, solar panels, 3D printers, lasers, photonics
Industry: Aerospace, Defence, Medical Devices, Automotive

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Flexible PCBs

Provides flexibility and conforms to the shape of the device intended for use or where circuit board requires flexing and bending during use
Applications: Consumer electronics, medical imaging equipment, dashboard displays, engine control modules, satellites, drones, military equipment, robotics
Industry: Industrial automation, aerospace and defence, automotive, medical devices

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Flex Rigid PCBS

Provides flexibility of a flexible PCB with rigidity of a traditional PCB without breaking to form a hybrid type of PCB.
Applications: Pacemakers, hearing aids where space is limited and boards require ability to flex and bend, avionics and guidance systems, military, wearables, smartphones, infotainment systems, sensors
Industry: Medical devices, aerospace and defence, automotive, consumer electronics, industrial

Our PCB Capabilities

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