Hardware Hackathon Winners,the follow up

Hackathon winners,The follow up

As we seem to be delving into the topic of hackathons recently i had a thought, where have all the previous winners gone?

though the teams are only in the spotlight for minutes after they win, they leave a lasting impression on us, we’re all wondering when is this project going to come to the market?. Fear not my fellow readers as progress is being made

here are a few teams of past hardware hackathon winners and where they are now


Blue tape came first in the pch hackathon in dublin during 2015


a Bluetooth connected tape measure

The product aims to reduce clothing returns for online retailers by helping customers find the right fit first time and was created in just 54 hours, from Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th May.

 Where are they now:

After winning the PCH Hackathon in May 2015 the Blue Tape group decided to continue working on their product and are currently setting up operations in Dublin City University


Came first in the Smart City hackathon


‘Bintel’ provides potential administrations with an opportunity to increase their influence throughout the city more efficiently and cost-effectively through the use of low-cost sensors on bins

Where are they now:

after winning the Smart City hackathon in Dublin Bintel Prototyped their product in Tog (hackerspace Dublin) then Worked with Dublin city and intel to trial their device


Came first in September 2014 PCH Hackathon

 Product :

connected pharmacy fridge with sensors to monitor temperature and medicines in the fridge. The device sends alerts to pharmacies ensuring medicines are kept at correct temperatures and do not have to be checked manually.

Where are they now:

After winning first place in the september 2014 PCH Hackathon Pharmalytics went on to work with Intel to look into the commercialization of their product.


Came 1st in the November 2014 hackathon


a connected cash register for automated cash management

Where are they now:

CashUp after winning in the PCH Hackathon in November are currently looking into setting up their project in DCU


didn’t place in the PCH Hackathon in November but have been given one of the most prestigious opportunities for a Hackathon concept the opportunity to join Highway1 – PCHs hardware accelerator in silicon valley


Ayda is developing a smart fertility tracking device for women

 Where are they now:

Now a part of Highway1 accelerator program and creating a new revision of their prototype

Not all teams from the hackathons have had a chance to further their prototype this can be down to a lack of time/money/team. Though this may be the case for some winners I have a feeling that some of these products will be hitting the shelves in the next couple of years.