Hardware Development News Roundup

In our weekly blog we’re going to roundup some of the hardware development news we found interesting. We hope you do too!

NXP makes it way into Lenovo’s smartphone

Lenovo’s soon to be released new smartphone, the VIBE X2 Pro smartphone, will use the NXP LPC54100 series of microcontrollers for always-on sensor processing applications.

Today’s average smartphone uses up to 12 sensors to detect or measure data such as movement, orientation, location, voice, light intensity and more. Sensors are increasingly being used to drive innovative design of smart devices that are aware of their external environment. This ‘always listening’ nature, of course, uses more power and battery life which is a major issue for consumers,” said Jim Trent, vice president and general manager, MCU Secure Monitoring & Control, NXP Semiconductors.


ADI’s ZigBee chip to be used in UK smart meter

Analog Devices has secured a design-in for its smart metering ZigBee transceiver as part of a nationwide energy efficiency initiative sponsored by the British government. Under the UK’s smart metering implementation programme, more than 50 million smart gas and electric meters will be installed in all homes and small businesses across the UK by 2020. ADI’s ADF7241 smart meter chip will be used in gas and electricity meters that Elster is designing as part of the UK initiative. A smart meter accurately measures how much energy is consumed or generated, and communicates with the local utility company for power monitoring, billing, and other purposes.


TI have noticed a new world in Development; Older companies retooling for a world in which machine intelligence is everywhere.

On Tuesday, Richard K. Templeton, the chairman, chief executive and president of Texas Instruments, spoke at a Goldman Sachs Technology conference in San Francisco. Mr. Templeton foresaw Texas Instruments as targeting a lot of small manufacturers, the kinds of places with 50 employees turning out just a few products, that never came near his business before. The reason is that almost every part of the manufactured world, including things like outboard motors or novelty doorbells, is going to have to include machine intelligence to monitor its performance. He plans to sell it to small manufacturers through an online catalog of parts, with salespeople touching the larger accounts.


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