Top UK tech startups

We have been repeatedly asked to do this blog on our favourite startup companies in the UK. With such a wide range of tech businesses in the UK we ended up narrowing it down to just 5. We see a lot of promise in these companies and hope to be able to work with them in the future.

So without further deliberation…..


Mint Tek Circuits’ Top 5 UK Tech Startups

We Farm

WeFarm is ‘The internet for people with no internet’ – a pioneering social enterprise, launching a peer-to-peer knowledge sharing platform for small-scale farmers in rural communities in Africa and Latin America. It provides a service that can answer questions addressing anything from farming techniques to business ideas that can improve their lives.

Primo is a wooden play set designed to teach young children the basic principles of computer programming. The physical approach to coding uses shapes, colours and spatial awareness to teach computer-programming logic to children aged between four and seven in a tactile way.

They are part of the Arduino AtHeart program, meaning essentially an Arduino is the forefront of the Cubetto, which is the little cube that moves depending on the child’s instructions.

Sam Labs

SAM is the ultimate Internet of Things toolkit, empowering you to create products, apps and inventions in seconds without wires and without having to code.

No wires and no coding means a wide market for these guys. You don’t have to be an expert in the field of IoT, either hardware or software; it really brings true meaning to the Internet Of Things


The guy who invented the car alarm imagined that we’d never walk further away from our beloved wheels than a few hundred yards. Now we just went and reinvented it, and guess what…now you’re free go wherever you want and still stay in touch with your vehicle.

The device plugs into your car and continuously updates the cloud servers as to the status of your car. Most of the time it’s just telling them that it’s all fine, in which case they’ll let you know. If something eventful happens then they’ll let you know immediately.

Ever parked your car somewhere where you can’t hear your alarm? You’re not alone. As a matter of fact that’s why Seamless was invented!

Bleep Bleeps

These are connected devices that help you get pregnant, give birth, look after your baby and help raise your child. Currently they only have one product in store as they are still a startup but the range this could be used for is quite impressive.

You don’t necessarily have to be a parent to find use in Sammy Screamer – this little guy is a motion alarm and you can stick him on anything; your backpack, your lunch just about anything, and he connects right to your phone letting you know if someone has been at your stuff.

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